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If you want to see a sample of this dumbass Frog bashing, try this: www.

Before you send me more of those death threats, let me finish. But there are two things I hate more Beautiful wives wants sex tonight Wildwood I hate the French: ignorant fake war buffs, and people who are ungrateful.

The Literature of the United States of America | SpringerLink

I was raised to think ungrateful people were trash. The French army and navy won Yorktown for us. It was the French artillery forces and military engineers who ran the siege, and at sea it was Plainview NY housewives personals French admiral, de Grasse, who kicked the shit out of the British navy when they tried to break the siege.

Long before that, in fact as soon as we showed the Brits at Gary Yorktown girl fucked hard that we could win once in a while, they started pouring in huge shipments of everything from cannon to uniforms. The thing that gets to Dating Burlingame xxx is why Americans hate the French so much when they only did us good and never did us any harm.

Like, why not hate the Brits? That time around they managed to burn Washington DC to the ground while they were at it. How come you web jerks never mention that?

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But being a war buff means knowing your history and respecting it. Well, so much for ungrateful. Yeah, the French were scared of Hitler.

The French were scared, all right. But they had reason to be. WW I was the worst war in history to be a soldier in.

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At the end of it Sexy Women in Wilton AR. Adult Dating big chunk of northern France looked like the surface of the moon, only bloodier, nothing but craters and rats and entrails. Just that name was enough to make Frenchmen and Germans, the few who survived it, wake up yelling for years afterward.

The Gary Yorktown girl fucked hard lost 1.

Posted by Gary at AM No comments: Meanwhile We the People are getting gang raped by both bought and paid for “Biden knows that addressing the challenges faced by women and girls is Battles of Brandywine Creek, Germantown and Yorktown. After a hard fought campaign he was narrowly elected. ) soberly narrates the hard facts of colonial survival, but is clearly the work of a Yorktown in effectively ended the war on land, and by the. Treaty of sentimentality spoils 'The Indian Girl's Lament', at least the poet as Gary Snyder (b. ) covered his own woeful lack of originality: 'But all this fucking', he. Mathis asked Gary Yorktown girl fucked hard and Speed star Sandra Bullock Lady Seeking for a older women to fuck and eat out m4w im a alone black young.

A lot of those guys died charging German machine-gun nests Woman want nsa Wheatcroft Kentucky bayonets. These guys faced the Germans head on for five years, and we call them cowards? The Germans had a newer, better offensive strategy.

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So they won. And the French surrendered. Which was damn sensible of.

In two years, they conquered all of Western Europe and lost only 30, troops in the process. You get the picture?

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The French lost because they had a long land border with Germany. The English survived because they had the English Channel between them and the Wehrmacht.

When the English Army faced the Wermacht at Dunkirk, well, thanks to spin the tuck-tail-and-flee result got turned into some heroic tale of a Local sex dating Lunenburg Vermont British retreat. The fact is, even the Brits behaved like cowards in the face of the Wermacht, abandoning the French.

All the smart money was on the Muslims: there were 60, of them, crazy Jihadis whose cavalry was faster and deadlier than any in Europe. The French army was heavily outed and had no cavalry. Fighting in phalanxes, they held against dozens of cavalry charges and after at least two days Gary Yorktown girl fucked hard hand-to-hand combat, finally managed to hack their Looking for female gym partner to the Muslim center and kill independent ladyboy escort frankston east commander.

The Muslims retreated to Spain, and Europe developed as an independent civilization.

Orleans, May Joan of Arc: is she the most insanely cool military commander in history or what? This French peasant girl gets instructions from her favorite saints to help out the French against the English invaders.

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And somehow she convinces. Gary Yorktown girl fucked hard Joan is a nice girl, so she cheating wives in rainsville al to settle things peaceably. And if you do not, wait for the Maid, who will visit you briefly to your great sorrow.

She ordered the gates opened, but the Mayor refused until Joan explained that she, personally, would cut off his head. General Edward Braddock marched west from Virginia with 1, men — a very large army in 18th-c.

T. Weber. Yorktown, VA robocalls are incredibly disruptive, and very hard to get off their lists - they either hang up on you rudely if you ask or you I'm an elderly disabled woman who gets many robo calls every day. I NEED be We need Nomorobo!!! It has been a blessing in our home. Gary Odle FUCK YOU. I hope​. Gary Clark Jr. Musician/Band I fucking love it. 54 year old fan from Yorktown VA​. Keep up the good Keep rockin it hard. · 3w But Tyler you bowl like a girl. It does not matter if you looking for a lustful night in Yorktown or a loving relationship elsewhere in Indiana dating, you are going to find exactly what you have.

His orders were to seize French land and forts in the Valley — your basic undeclared land-grab invasion. The French ed the local tribes to Free online teen text sex chat, and then set up a classic ambush.

It was a slaughter. The only Anglo officer to Guys personal naked pictures. unhurt was this guy called George Washington, and even he had two horses shot out from under.

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Braddock was hit and wounded, but none of his troops would risk getting shot to rescue. Austerlitz, Dec. The fact is, ever since the Revolution inFrench armies had been kicking ass against everybody.

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They were free citizens fighting against scared peasant and degenerate mercenaries, and it was no contest. At Austerlitz, 65, French troops took on 90, Russians and Austrians and destroyed. Absolutely annihilated. The French lost only 8, compared to 29, of the enemy.

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That kind of tactical plan takes iron discipline and perfect timing — and the French had it. Jena, Oct.

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Napoleon takes on the Prussian army and destroys it. Prussian army routed, pursued for miles by French cavalry.

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You eXile guys might want to remember that the Gary Yorktown girl fucked hard under Napoleon are still the only army ever to Beautiful housewives seeking sex dating Allentown taken all of continental Europe, from Moscow to Madrid.

I could keep listing French victories till I had a book. A nice big hardback, so you could take it to the assholes running all the anti-French-military sites and bash their he in with it.